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19th March 2004

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#1 13 years ago

..whenever you are in a tank, every single enemy has a anti-tank gun, yet when enemy tanks appear NOBODY on your team seems to have an anti-tank weapon

..whenever you damage a tank with 2 good shots and get out before you are blown, so you throw some TNT right on the tank with no damage, yet the enemy throws some TNT yards away and you and your tank are blown to little pieces.

..you fight like a madman all they way to the enemy side, plant the bomb to blow up their base thus winning for your team and....time expires.

..you run around the map trying to find the enemy, but he will only appear right around the corner when you are either out of ammo or reloading.

..everytime you are having the best game of your life...the power goes out (you may also include computer crashes in this category as well)

..whenever you finally join the server playing the map you want, by the time you get in the map ends before you can even spawn.

..you are assured to be the only one on your team that continuously spawns right where the enemy is throwing artillery (or are overunning the position)

..after getting sniped countless times by what seems to be an enemy team of campers, you select the sniper rifle right at the time they go on the offensive and run you over, just at the time you actually needed an assault rifle

..you ALWAYS call in artillery, after the enemy has long since moved on.

Well that all I can think of now, if you have any more funnny, but ironic happenings in COD lets have them.