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aimbot is for losers

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22nd August 2004

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#51 16 years ago

i hate ship but the servers i play on do not have this shit anyway. I also hate bocage because all these fields make me lose my way:0.Hurtgen is not my favorite map i must say but i play whenever happens. i don t understand why people do hate russian maps?????? i play most on axis side and have no problem with harbor (because i like panic maps:) ) u guys should learn that all weapons are good( but for different instances)


I need a GUN AHHH

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20th September 2004

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#52 16 years ago

omg pavlov tottaly owns... so does brecourt, hurtgen, amd bocage... you guys must get tottally owned by snpers or something.... the only map i dont like is harbor, but powcamp isnt to bad, and ship isnt too bad either, you just gotta play the right gametype... but harbor sux