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19th March 2004

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#61 9 years ago

My COD6 came in yesterday, and although I have only played it one day I can say I have never been more disappointed. I just thoroughly regret so much, especially since finances are so tight at the moment, spending this much on a game I won't probably ever play.

I enjoy SP...somewhat, but MP has always been what I enjoy about the COD series. In fact I do not even remember playing much COD2 SP as I think I played it sparingly. But this COD's MP is thoroughly un-enjoyable and frustrating. Worse is, I only learned now what has transpired. Had I paid attention I would have held off on this purchase, but the past year I have had so many other things of importance occupying my mind that I simply just never got around to reading anything about the game, specifically the MP issues. I was stupid to have just simply ordered this assuming this was going to be just like the last version of Modern Warfare.

I hope that there is just enough dissatisfaction that a major patch will resolve these issues, otherwise this has been one hell of a waste of money. Live and learn I guess. I would say to anyone fence sitting or whether to purchase; please do get your hands on a demo or friends copy before you go spend the money.


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25th November 2003

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#62 9 years ago

I'll pick it up once the price comes down. $60 is a bit ridiculous for a new PC game IMO, i prefer single player to multi player most of the time anyways, so the lack of dedicated servers doesn't really bother my as much, i'm just not going to fork over $60 for a few hours of single player....