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Howdy Pardner, The purpose of this area of the forum is to give players who have been kicked, banned, or have other issues, a place to post appeals, questions, or concerns pertaining to player's access to the WildWest servers, or their conduct while on these servers. [color=red]NOTE***[/color] In every case, the actual "owner" of the server in question has the final say so as to who may play on it and who may not. They are under no obligation to follow the recommendations of anyone else, though they may choose to. Individual server administrators are also under no obligation to notify myself, a WildWest mod team member, or anyone on this forum, when a player has been kicked or banned. If needed, I will make an effort to contact the admin, but it is up to them to respond or not. Any player who posts in this area of the forum will need to provide as much information as possible in order for me to make as complete an investigation as possible. Date, time, which server, players involved, what was said or done, are all things that will help me resolve the matter as quickly as possible. I have no control over obtaining server logs or other information that may be needed. I will get them as quickly as possible, and will make every attempt to answer inquiries within 24 hours whenever possible. If you are a WildWest server admin and you would like to "delegate" these investigative responsiblities to me, please feel free to send me a Private Message. All I ask is for access to copies of the server logs when necessary. Thanks for your cooperation and assistance, Ignacio Player/Server Admin Relations WildWest Development Team