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#1 17 years ago


This post will only be of interest to those who wish to run a WildWest server...

Well it seems that the problems that some players are experiencing during map changes are a known bug in the Wolf executable ! So I have made a workaround in the 1.14b patch.

Basically, the 1.14b patch will update wildwest so that it does not need any other files contained within the pk3's in the main folder. So if you re-name, or delete the "main" folder, the game will run purely from the WildWest folder, and all the map loading problems will disappear :) in-fact map loading becomes much faster.

I've also addressed some other bugs, reverted some weapon characteristics, other miscellaneous tweaks, and added some new anti-cheat code.

I strongly suggest all Linux servers start the server with this command from their wolfenstein directory:

wolfded +set fs_game WildWest +exec WildWest_server.cfg

You can edit your server URL & other settings in the WildWest_server.cfg and you can edit the Motd in the rotation cfg's.

Any questions ?