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#1 14 years ago

Hi there!

My team and I are working on a Batman mod for GTA SA. So far we're looking at a Waye Mansion, a Batboat, 2 Batmobiles (the tumbler and the old batmobile), the Batbike and the Batwing, and the Batman suit.

So anyway, right now we're working on putting all this together, most of the 3D work is done, and we're working on the textures but we are badly in need of some extra help in other areas such as coding. More detail can be found on our forums found at ( if the .tk one doesn't show up for you). We've just started working on it again after some technical setbacks and we wish to expand our team as we are planning to make a TC afterwards if the mini-mod is well accepted and we will try to bring you Gotham City :D

However, our most dire need right now is coders. So anyone willing to help out would be a god send. If you know ayone or if you yourself know how to code for GTA SA then please step forward and help us. Thanxs :)