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Hi, ok first off I have been modding the GTA series since GTA3. I do not use any programs for editing I do it all manually ( I prefer to). I know what all the criterias mean 100% (exept this carmods.dat in SA). I just bought SA. I have version 1.0 and I know not to patch because of the conflicts with mods. In SA I've replaced around 25 vehicles so far. All has been going fine until now. This last one I replaced the game now crashes at the loading screen. I know it involves carmods.dat because I put a backup copy of the original back in the game and it worked fine. My question is what exactly does this carmods.dat read from SA? Can I use the original or should I try to use these customs lines if all possible?. Here is a screenshot of lines I've added to carmods.dat One reason that manual editing is better than programs is that you can group your modded lines together for faster trouble shooting. ScreenShot Also if it helps here is a full txt version of the file: CarModsText"">CarModsText Thanks for any help on the matter.

Sorry for the double post, I didn't see a edit button. I have found and fixed the problem sort of. Well I narrowed it down to: cadrona, nto_b_l, nto_b_s, nto_b_tw, wg_l_tbox_1 I started searching all references to that line and it lead to a file named veh_mods.ide. The readme.txt that came with that vehicle didn't mention anything about adding any info there. I noticed that wg_l_tbox_1 didn't come up in another instance in the file carmods.dat which told me it was unique. The last entree in the veh_mods.ide is: 1193, rbmp_lr_t2, tornado, 100, 4096 I added: 1194, wg_l_tbox_1, cadrona, 100, 0 the game now loads and playes fine. I want to know what these variables mean in the veh_mods.ide file. I get the first number is like a ID, the second is for the mod, third is the vehicle game name, forth well all of those are 100 so I guess that's like a default. The fifth one though is what is throwing me. The numbers range from 0, 4096, 2101248, and 2097152. I guess my question is what are those numbers for? Also the author of this mod didn't leave any contact information so letting him know about this is out.