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Hello we are abunch of Friendly that love to play! We will give you some whatabout's about our clan. Also the requiered elements to join, and How the clan is maintained. Requierment: Skills (Weapos) Leadership skills (Leading team's) Maturity & Sportsmanship (Members atleast 13+) Contact (Xfire, AIM, or Email) Please contact me on xfire: silencerdl Or aim: Chat4free91 on joining and i will set you up on a public server from there. Please post either here OR in the Forums Clan Forum Maintainment: First of all we are a american themed clan. We have 4 members for now. We rank members on leadership skills and Skills (weaponsmastery) by rewards or medals.Yes we do run in ranks during gameplay. Our usual tag is | 1 |(RANK)Name. We run 2 divisions. Armored and Infantry. If your intrested please visit Thebigredoneclan . Practice are also maintained for *Skills and leadership*. Each practice will be displayed on the calender(Clansite)which consist on time(Pst.Cen.Est.), date, and maprotation. Misc. We do not have a Server yet, it will soon be up soon. Regards, The Big Red One Team