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The 101st Airborne Division, "Screaming Eagles," are recruiting for CoDUO and are looking for players wanting to play and live up to tactical realistism and historical tactics of the 101st. Our website URL is http://www.101st-airborne-division.cjb.net/ Here are the requirements to joining: ------------------------------------- -> Must be Mature. -> Must have TeamSpeak downloaded and Mic working. -> Must have AIM, MSN, or Xfire. 01 -> What is your full name (First and Last)? 02 -> What is your E-Mail address? 03 -> What are your past Units (Clans)? 04 -> Who recruited you? 05 -> Do you have X-Fire? (www.xfire.com) 06 -> Do you have a Microphone? 07 -> Do you have TeamSpeak? (www.goteamspeak.com) 08 -> Age? 09 -> Location (City and State)? That is all. Thanks ~McBeckworth Pvt. McBeckworth 101st Airborne Division