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19th June 2004

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Welcome Soldier! If you are reading this then you show interest in realism. If you are looking for a clan which strives for realism in Call of Duty then you are looking in the right place! In the 108th we give members many abilities. All members go through the Army Specialized Training Program. This is the recruitment stage of joining. The current members watch you for Communication, Marksmanship, Leadership, etc. If you show dedication to those categories, then consider yourself accepted. Once in, you will be given the rank of PV2. This is the rank all members begin at their enterence into the 108th. From there on out, you can lead squads, help the clan with being an officer. Be in a squad, give support. Each squad has specific duties. Sniper, Support Gunner, Rifleman and more! Each posistion requires qualifying to be able to use that weapon in the squad. Promotions per rank are given by dedication to the clan, a good attitude and showing up to practices. You rank from a PV1 all the way to a Lt. Colonel! If you are still interesting well keep reading. We also have a 24 slot CoD Public server, if you would like to try it out you can visit it at, We also have a 32 slot teamspeak server used everday. Now I know how good this sounds yet please you must meet the following requirements: - Must be at least 14 of age. (Exceptions with maturity) - Must have a microphone. - Must practice every week. - Must show dedication to the clan, play at least 3 hours a week. - Must check the forums regularly. - Must have a respectful attitude towards others. - Must have XFire. http://www.xfire.com If you are interesting in joining, please visit our forums at... http://108th.fragism.com/ Any questions please either post their or e-mail me directly at [email="jneal121@yahoo.com"]jneal121@yahoo.com[/email] Be aware, this is a limited process. Only 14 member's allowed. --------------------------------------------------- Colonel Neal Commanding Officer of the 108th http://108th.fragism.com/ [email="jneal121@yahoo.com"]jneal121@yahoo.com[/email] ******* CLAN SPECIAL ******* We are currently needing officers and squad members. For about the next 5 members, instead of ASTP. You will be watched for a week then automatically joined without the training.