{110th} Now switching over from MOHAA:SH to COD:UO... and doing massive RCT'ing -1 reply

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24th March 2004

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The {110th} Bloody Bucket Call of Duty: United Offense Server's IP is 30 man Search and Destroy Server... Stock Only. Punkbuster On. Killcam On. Shellshock On. All weapons On. Low Ping Only 150 Max. People Love this server... If inerested in being Recruited TeamSpeak is required. is our TeamSpeak IP. The Password is 110th. Age is a factor... Ya can't be too young I'm afraid. If your voice is annoying we will ban you from TS after 1 squeaky word. Check out our Rules on our website www.110th.shrapnet.com -If your good with web designs thats a big "+"... but u will not be made a webmaster well after becoming a full member... so if u are a good webmaster, let us know... dont say "i can make u a website if u make me a member" Any questions. MSN or Email me [email="DubbleG5@hotmail.com"]DubbleG5@hotmail.com[/email] or log onto to Teamspeak. :0wned: by {110th}*Col*Gaugler