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2nd August 2003

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1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Tactical Realism Unit

The [1stCPB] is openly recruiting potential members for Call of Duty 2. We strive for realism in every way.

We are in search of quality people. Thats right, quality people.

Teamwork and do not cheat, hack and slime your way to a win. Your skill will come with time.

We are a clan of 12 people. We remain close and enjoy our time in the game and on TeamSpeak just shooting the bull.

Who is the 1stCPB: THE ORIGINAL TACTICAL GAMING CLAN We consider ourselves a clean fun place to be. We have been formed since Jan 2003. Members are from North America - Servers in USA and Canada with good pings to everyone. We practice Monday and Tuesday nights starting from 8:00pm eastern time. Tactical game play (means no running with just a SMG) We use a Rank Structure


DSL connection or better (56k dosent work to well) Microphone & Speakers (headset preferably) (OPTIONAL) Ability to pay $5.00 a month server fee. Teamspeak installed Team mentality, good attitude AGE: Mature Players - Kids speak to your parents, If your too young you many not be invited to join.

[1stCPB] Members enjoy benefits, some of which include:

- Website access, files storage, downloads, links - Unlimited server access - Voice communication for in-game and general chat - Anti-Cheat software, and honesty promotion. - Family focused environments on the servers and off - Regular events, scrims, and competition - Records of games scores to show your improvement - Open clan participation, where your voice is heard - A rank structure that rewards members for participation - Award programs for member achievements in game and out - Access to learning tools, both game involved and non-game involved - Individual email addresses - Activity involvement in clan business like recruiting, training, or leadership

1stCPB Servers: - wEBSITE (WWW.1STCPB.COM( - Teamspeak (bY MEMBERSHIP - COD UO - Mod AWE (OPEN WEAPONS) - COD 2 - Mod eXtreme + (sNIPERS AND RIFELS) - Autodownloads oN


These tools and much more are available to ALL 1stCPB members.

How to Join the 1st Canadian Parachute Battlion (1) Fill in EMAIL send to : [email]Bigguy@1stcpb.com[/email] (2) Place post in the forum to say hello [1stCPB]1st Canadian ParaChute Battalion [1stCPB]1st Canadian ParaChute Battalion www.1stcpb.com (3) Wait up to 24 -48 hours for a reply (4) Check the approved recruitment list in this area and a return email.

If you are looking for a clan that is made of players with the mindset of having fun and working together as a team this might be the place for you.

Play on our servers is mandatory during your evaluation period.

The evaluation period generally lasts 4 weeks and you will be notified upon its completion.

However; your level of participation drives this. If you go away for long periods of time, don't come crying when you are not accepted.

During your evaluation period, a member will be assinged to you.

You will be required to have [1stCPB] tags in front of your name in our TS and in-game.

If you are accepted into [1stCPB]you will be given your rank.

If you want to join the best damn clan around, I highly encourage you to apply.

We are not competitive in the ladder stuff. We are here to have fun and provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Monday and Tuesdays are our main nights , but there are other times we do cme together and you are sure to find another member to joinup with.

Donations are gladly accepted as we carry bills each month to run as many server(s) and support services as we do.

We say that donating is not mandatory, but please do not free load off of others.

Being in a clan includes helping pay for it when you can. A donation of $5 - $15 is fair.

We do not accept responsibility for you being verbally corrupted. So if you are not 18, please verify with your parents before posting.