[3.PgD] 3rd PanzerGrenadier Division Recruiting -1 reply

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#1 15 years ago

Join 3.PgD.

Come down to our forums at: http://www.3rd-panzergrenadier-division.co.nr/

We are sorta tactical realistic. We enforce Team Play, Chain Of Command, and realistic names. 3 key factors to a good rank and some outstanding fun are

-Stay active on Forums -Stay active on Teamspeak -Stay active on your PC

You will need X-Fire for joining because it enables us to locate members and to join the game. www.xfire.com is where you can download it if you dont have it. We hope you pick us. You will have a great time here and a good chance at a high rank.

Our TS is currently being sorted out. We will probably be getting a server when CoD2 comes out.

Thats all from me!

Thanks much,

Haupt. Krieger [3.PgD] High Commandant