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26th October 2003

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[TTK]Whitmann here from the 3rd SS Panzer Division. We are looking for players to join us for some tournament play. We are interested in mature players only. If you routinely cuss out the opponent then we are not interested in you. We want people who play the game a lot. People who will be available to play in the tournaments. You do not have to be the best player in the game to make it on our team. Once you get here your skills will be honed to perfection. What will get you in is how good your teamwork skills are. If we decide to recruit you after your tryout you will be assigned the rank of recruit which you will wear for 2-4 weeks. After this probation period you will be awarded the rank of Schutze, or private. Gaining rank is based on performance, skill, and face time in our server. Awards are given for various things including recruiting other players, high scores, so on and so forth. We have our own CodUO server and 25 man ventrilo server. So visit www.freewebs.com/totenkopf1 today!

My xfire ID is 3rdsspzdivrazor email [email]edward.duffy@gmail.com[/email] CoDUO Server