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#1 13 years ago

Hey fellas, [420] Clan is a COD:UO BAS|S&D and CoD 2 S&D|CTF clan with a kick ass site and a new CoD 2 server. We are a laid back unit and close friends who enjoy playing with others and love a great battle. We enjoy making friends and like to get to know players visiting our server, and overall just have fun. Our site is tripple dubya 420klan dot com and our server ip is: (with stats coming soon!). Ventrilo info is on the homepage of the site. Check us out anytime.

We are always looking to make alliances and friends with good people. We are looking to recruit new members and if you're interested just visit the website and check out the applications section in the forums or email me (below). Our preference is for skilled players who show maturity and good sportsmanship, so if you ARE mature and a good sport feel free to hit us up. We are a competitive clan, and would like to join ladders and leagues once again. We were number one in TWL's 8v8 BAS ladder and in the top 10 in the 6v6 ladder and are hoping to get enough members to get the competitive drive going once again.

And don't get it twisted, the name only implies we like to party. Come check us out. See ya on the battlefield!

CoD 2 Server Details : - Name: [420] S&D Clan Server - IP: - Description: Stats available soon! - Situated on the West Coast, USA - Clan Gametypes: CoD:UO - Base Assault, S&D \ CoD 2 - S&D, CTF - Email: [EMAIL="perish@420klan_dot_com"]perish@420klan_dot_com[/EMAIL] - www_dot_420klan_dot_com


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#2 13 years ago

Your clan does seem to be a cool bunch and I have enjoyed killing you... er... playing on your BAS servers (*lol*). But seriously you all do seem to be a good bunch and have a great competative spirit that many seem to lack.


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#3 13 years ago

Thanks jman. Drop by our server or site anytime.