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7th November 2004

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Welcome men,

This is Cpl. Stevenson from the 45th Indantry Division. We are here today to the call upon new soldiers who are dedicated and willing to take on the responsability of a serious tactical realism unit.

We don't ask more than what you're willing to put in this unit... but there is a minimum standard. You must be willing to try and make the drills, and be an active member on our TeamSpeak server, game server, and forums. The more you put into this unit, the more you will receive in return.Once you've applied on our forums, you'll wait just a short time (until a training class opens up), and then you will be trained in six weeks on various Infantry related subjects. After you've completed training you'll be assigned a squad/platoon... and conduct yourself as a soldier of the 45th Infantry Division.

So, if you think that you're ready for a challenge, or if you think realism is the way for you... stop by our forums, drop by our TeamSpeak and game server, and see if we're the unit for you.

Equipment: http://www.45th-infantry-division.com We currently have a ts server of 60 slots and a 24 man server.

Cpl. Stevenson 45th Infantry Division