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#1 14 years ago

At the 509, we are always on the lookout for mature players with good attitudes. If you play to have fun, this is the team for you. We are in a few ladders in TWL, and have a few scrimmages during the week. The 509th will also be purchasing a server for CoD 2 when it comes out. If you are at all interested in us, please check out our [COLOR=blue]website[/COLOR]! Contacts (Xfire):

  • SabeR (Goa): defenderofdixie
  • Drizzit (Gen): 509drizzit
  • Blitz (Lt Gen): 509blitz
  • Doc (Lt Gen): docholliday88
Servers (IP):
  • [COLOR=dimgray]509ab.com[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Recruiting![/COLOR] /connect
  • 509th airborne clanserver /connect