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4th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello All, Just wanted to drop by and give a heads up, if your the type of person who likes to have fun and enjoy's war games online this is the place for you. We are just starting up, but unlike a lot of clans our first goal is not talent per say. While we want to be the best of course, our main goal is to get good people that we can enjoy talking too. Here are a few details about our recruitment process and please remember we are just starting up: We prefer those who join to be at least 18 years of age or older in order to be accepted into the recruitment process. But we will be accepting some that are younger. The process will be longer, harder and more tedious for those under 18 due to the fact of maturity problems. If the recruit shows maturity and responsibility along with following the rest of the rules and also having a good character then they may be accepted. If this applies to you and you think you have what it takes then apply, but we have zero tolerence and you will be removed from the recruitment process upon ANY mistake. ∙You must frequent the server and make yourself known to the members. ∙You must have a working microphone with the TeamSpeak 2.0 client installed. TeamSpeak 2.0 is available in our downloads section. ∙Be of good character and have high values. ∙We do not recruit from other clans. If you wish to join our clan you must first lose the tags before applying. ∙We dont accept anyone into the process with a rank title, such as Private or General, in your name. If you have a rank in your name please remove it before you sumbit your applicationto the 5th Airborne. ∙The 5th Airborne is divided into a few groups these groups are what run the 5th Airborne (for example Recruitment team, Counsil, Game Reps Etc.) these groups work as a team, thus meaning we will not accept anyone with rank in there name (Example Private, General). No one is directly in charge of anyone else and all actions are done as a team, and therefore, we will not allow the appearance of any ranking system. ∙We will not accept any users connected through a dial-up connection. The result of your recruitment is final and is not subject for review or change. If you are denied entry into the recruitment process, or if your recruitment status is terminated during the recruitment process, you may reapply no earlier than 30 days from date of notification. This process is decided by all members and you must have a 75% "Yes" vote or higher in order to be brought into the group. After submitting an application, we will not accept anykind of server donations,, until your recruitment process has either been completed or terminated. Prior donations will not effect the outcome of your recruitment status. With all that said and done we wish you the best of luck and hope that you will be joining our clan. ***NOTE*** You are resonsible for check your status to see if your under review, NO email will be sent to notify those who move up.

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