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#1 15 years ago

6th Airborne Division, 6th Airlanding Brigade, 2nd Battalion, "B" Company is recruiting tactical Realism players for the CoD Community. We are a British (One of the few)tactical realism unit. [6th AB] will transfer to CoD2 on January 1st, but until then we are a CoD:UO tactical Realism Unit. I am looking to fill in the higher ranks before accepting recruits from all around the globe (as long as you can make the practices and speak english) and all ages.(*Note that you will be ranked on your application) Preferably with some one with some Cash will be higher up in the ranks. :) But we will see. Looking for a First Lieutenant "Company XO" and Second Lieutenant "Platoon Leader" First. http://6thab.10.forumer.com/index.php EDIT:

We have new forums up and running **Note i could not edit the previous thread** http://6thab.fragism.com/gl-bin/forum/index.php

Thank you for your time, Captain Jeremy Peterson



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23rd February 2004

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#2 15 years ago
<2FJ> Hessler We have new forums up and running **Note i could not edit the previous thread**

So I did it for you, And it's not a thread, but a post ;)

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#3 15 years ago
<2FJ> Hessler http://6thab.10.forumer.com/index.php

The header of that website is a Photo taken at pont l'eveque in Normandy France. Me and my brother received that photograph from a british veteran member of the parachute regiment. His name is W.J Catchpole. He's actually ├│n the photo itself. Very cool:)

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16th July 2005

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#4 15 years ago

Good luck please use british ranks as too many units use US Ranks.

Andtrust me you aint one of the few realism units.