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7th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

{Recruiting 5} Our clan which you can see is at www.75thairborne.com is recruiting 5 Call Of Duty members that LOVE tactical Games . PRM is what we use and if you love it than we like you to come on over to our site and chat with us. And we will see what you have what it takes to be in our clan. ^ We use VENTRILO which is 2X better than teamspeak. ^ We have 4 other battalions with other games that we play, such as Battlefield 1942 series, Soldner, and other games that you think you like. ^We are not a VERY strict clan because we think we should get your friendship before we can get you in the clan. If we can't get along 70% of the time we can't have you in the clan. ^ We have 38 people in the clan right now which only 15% of them play Call of Duty regularly so thats why I'm looking for 5 guys that are dedicated to call of duty so we can have awesome scrims with other clans every week. If you want to contact me directly about any other information please e-mail me at [email="hitmanjon@sympatico.ca"]hitmanjon@sympatico.ca[/email] Our average age is 16-25. and yes we have a Call Of Duty server and you do not have to pay a Cent. We would just like your friendship and TALENT! so if your looking for a tactical clan this ones for you! PEACE OUT!:moon: edit.gif