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29th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

8th Infantry Division =8THID= is now taking applications for mature recruits for CALL OF DUTY.

We are an american based unit with a long history and great tradition that started March of 2002. We play both S&D/TDM style games in various ladders-OGL and TWL.

Although we play the game for fun our military structure is the backbone of the way we operate.

If interested join our server a few times, then check out our web site for further application details.

[color=navy]Server Address--- Web Address---http://www.8thinfantrydivision.co.uk[/color]

[color=navy]If you think you have what it takes to become a member of the "Golden Arrows" let us know on the public forums so that we can watch for you on the server.[/color]


[color=sienna]TRIAL BY FIRE Trial by Fire [TBF] is a match where a candidate plays against 3 Officers for a chance to win a Promotion to the next highest rank.

CANDIDATE: Any 8thID member under the rank of LTN. OFFICER: Any 8thID officer over rank of Major available for the match. GAME TYPE: SEARCH & DESTROY GAME LENGTH: Best 2 of 3 Rounds MAP SELECTION: Maps are selected and played in the following order: Candidate selects 1 map. TBF Officers select 1 map. If needed, Third map is next map in rotation after TBF Officers map.

RULES: 1. GENERAL a. The match must be played on the 8thID server. b. The server is password protected. c. Map selection is confirmed prior to the start of the match by the Candidate and the Officers. d. Map selection is limited to the standard COD Map Packs (1.1). e. Candidate is the requesting 8thID member below the rank of LTN. f. Officer is an 8thID Officer over the rank of MAJ. g. Candidates are not allowed to pick the TBF Officers.

2. REQUESTING A TBF a. All Requests for a TBF Match should be E-MAILED to The Neighbors Dog no later than 7 days before the desired match date. The SUBJECT heading of the email should state TBF REQUEST. b. TBF Matches will be scheduled to be played one night each week. c. No more than 4 TBF Matches will be played each week (Monday through Sunday). d. Confirmation of the TBF Match will be posted in the TBF Section on the 8thID Forums. e. Requests are received and scheduled on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. f. A Candidate is allowed to request a TBF once every calendar month (i.e. 30 days).

3. SCHEDULE OF TBF MATCHES a. Matches will be played on dates which are suitable for the Candidate and TBF Officers. As the matches are played on an 8thID server, it is recommended that non-prime time slots are chosen to reduce conflicts with other members wishing to play on the server. b. All TBF Matches will be played on the same night, one after the other, until all are resolved. c. Any Candidate failing to miss a scheduled TBF Match will be considered MIA and will forfeit the match (and that month’s chance).

4. WINNING There are two ways to win a TBF Match: a. The Candidate wins best 2 of 3 rounds (individual map score, not combined) or b. The Candidate has a 2:1 kill ratio on 2 of the 3 maps. (i.e. Candidate kills at least 2 times the number of deaths).

5. REPORTING OF RESULTS a. All TBF Match results will be posted in the TRIAL BY FIRE section of the forums. b. Screenshots must be taken by the Candidate as well as one of the Officers. These are to be saved for verification purposes, if requested. c. Results will be posted AFTER ALL TBF Matches have been played that evening in the TBF Section by the highest ranking officer involved in the match. d. Notification of Promotion: Following the posting of the results, The CO (Dorkusgrate) and XO (Merkava) will review the TBF matches at their discretion. Notification of a promotion will be made on the TBF Forum. It is the Candidate’s responsibility to monitor the Forums for posting of promotions.

5. CONDUCT The TBF program is intended to provide 8THID members with exceptional skill the opportunity to advance in rank. This is not meant as a forum for members to abuse one another. We are all part of the same unit and must keep that in mind. The TBF is an opportunity to provide advancement and not a showcase for silly antics. Keep in mind that this is done on a voluntary basis (both Candidate and Officers) and is a serious nature.

Do not waste the time of the Officers with continual requests and matches.

Verbal abuse, before or after, a TBF Match will not be tolerated. The fact that you have won a TBF Match will speak volumes.

Failure to read the rules prior to any TBF Match will result in a delay of one week for a scheduled TBF match.


[color=sienna]Here is the link:http://www.8thinfantrydivision.co.uk/=8THID=[/color]