[9.PgD] Recruting For Axis TR Players -1 reply

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8th May 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Hello All Call Of Duty Players. This is Stbnfhr. Swiess of the 9th-SS Panzer Grenadier Division. We are looking for people who like Tactical Realism. People who are dedicated and willing to put time into learning basic and Advanced tactics of Tactical Realism. Our site will be up soon but for now, if you wish to be recruited....contact me VIA AIM at Snowborder Brett. We play at the 45th ID server, the 3.PgD server and the 1.GJgr. server also. Cotact me and I will give you the IP's. Thank You Much! - Stbnfhr. Jakub Swiess