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6th May 2005

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Hello, my name is Rowe and I am part of the 90th Infantry Division clan. We play Call of Duty: United Offensive and are currently recruiting.

Anyone looking to join, must do or have the following. ************************************************** - 13 Years of Age or Older

- Must have Team Speak and Microphone

- Must be in only ONE clan for CoD:UO, are free to be in other clans for other games

- Must be mature, and respect other players

- But most important of ALL, know how to have fun! ***************************************************

We have a Team Speak server and 1 CoD:UO server. The IP for TS is and the pass is gregchad. The IP for the server is and is located in Chicago. We have around 30 active members and play everyday.

Our website is located at http://www.90thid.com. STOP BY OUR FORUMS AND CHAT!!

If you would like to join, talk to me by email ([email="khaosnite@gmail.com"]khaosnite@gmail.com[/email]), MSN ([email="khaos@u-s-f.com"]khaos@u-s-f.com[/email]) or Xfire, (khasnite13). You can also fill out an application form on the home page if wanting to join.

If you have any more questions about the clan, talk to me or our clan leader Col. Welsh at [email="jono_033_nf@hotmail.com"]jono_033_nf@hotmail.com[/email]

Thanks and see you on the Battle Field,

|90th|D| Pfc. Rowe