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20th June 2004

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#1 14 years ago

I just wanna let you know that our multigame clan is up and running now.

We are peeps from 3 clans + TB that started this multigame clan called [color=blue]Nordic Force[/color] aka [color=red]NordicS*[/color]

We are a bunch och guys and girls that wanna have a huge laugh and a good time when we play & But surely wanna combine that with good fighting and klimbing the gameladders we are in and gonna join on CB etc.

The sections that we have right now in CoD TDM, CoD SD, CoD UO SD, CoD UO TDM, CoD UO HQ & Bf2

So please pay us a visit and check us out. And maybe even type some lines in our nice forum! :-) And hopefully we can have some good fights in the future both friendly and on some active ladders.

You are ALL welcome

[color=red]We are always recruiting new friends that wanna join in on the fun! We especially looking for Bf2 peeps but even some more CoD UO and CoD peeps.[/color]

[color=blue]We also have a Public UO server with 32 slots that run SD, TDM & HQ maps & are located in Holland. IP: uo1.nforce.se:28960[/color]

Our site & forum: http://www.nforce.se

[color=red]We are recruiting Swedes to our CoD, CoD UO & Bf2 sections!! Even Finns or Norwegens that understand Swedish.[/color] mar1802poster-1.jpg oct0404-a.jpg