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3rd March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[AIrBoRnE] Requirements http://www.airborne-clan.com./

* - #1 Rule, make sure your dedicated to the team. If you have future plans of leaving this clan, well don't join.

* - Read the "Code of Conduct" under the website. http://www.airborne-clan.com/CoD/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=3

* - You have to be good. And what i mean by good is, get atleast 45+ kills over your deaths. For example, 80 kills, 35 deaths as your average score.

* - You have to be active.

* - You are NOT going to be in multiple clans. It's either this one for all games, or bye-bye.

* - Right now, the rule of JUNE is in affect. We have more non-serious members in the clan, as of now. We are recruiting members 17+ older. They also have to follow these rules above. Don't send in applications, if you are under 17. This is a big gaming community, and we are trying to go to the top. We need more mature, serious players in the division.

* - If you send in an application to airborne, of you bieng 17, when your 12, we are going to make you speak up. The voice will tell it all. So if you lied, your out, no questions asked.

* - We will fight as a team, not fight against each other as a team.

* - We do not use "1337 74LK" (leet talk)

* - To join airborne, you have to be nice, non-stuck up, and take the fact that most will own you. Your not the greatest. So, get that out your head before you even think about emailing General.

Remember, have these requirements? Well, send in an application to [email="general_airborne@airborne-clan.com"]general_airborne@airborne-clan.com[/email] He will confirm you, to get in the clan. But remember, the qualifications above, WILL show if you are lieng or not. Cuz we will keep a close eye on you