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#1 16 years ago

www.aklanapart.co.uk are now recruiting for CoD:UO.

We currently have 1 CoD:UO, 1 CoD server and our own TS server.

Our aim is to purchase a dedicated Super server which will then allow us to run any game we want.

.:aKa:. Where formed 4 months ago by members of RLFans clan who decided to make a new start. We have played in various CoD leagues and now wait for UO to be introduced to the ladders.

This is why we have decided to recruit now, we want as many members as possible available for when we enter the leagues.

We only recruit players who are 17+, and members contribute Ā£5/month which is collected every 3 months for the upkeep of our server.

If interested then please pay a visit to our website www.aklanapart.co.uk and fill in our recruitment form.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.


Saint Viper .:aKa:. Clan Leader Cod server CoD:UO server