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5th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hey guys were not a new clan thats recruiting. we need maybe 3 more players to fill the roster for CAL. We need some GOOD players for the clan. the clan is called team balls, you can look it up on cal if you want. im violent////jake saaas. we have ventrilo and feel free to come in it. hostname/ip - port - 4364 also my xfire name is - dtssoldier we dont have an actual server yet, but we are pretty good. we have 2 former DT$ players (not the hacking ones) and one player that is as good as an aow member (said by an actual aow member) and the others are former invektiv. so if you are a pretty good cod player that wants to be in a clan, hang with us in vent, play with us a little bit, and youll be in. later and gl