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bfereport.jpg Wednesday The tireless forces of the Wehrmacht found themselves on the defensive eaarly this week as the Allies continued their spree of offenses in Western Europe. The 29.Fusilier Regiment found itself in a desperate retreat as 3rd Armoured Car raced in from Denmark. The stakes were high and every officer was present to ensure a victory for his respective side. The british showed no mercy as they sucessfuly established a firm grip on the fields surrounding Holland. They rapidly and with sucession routed enemy forces stationed in various cities. By mid afternoon the enemy was at the gates and set up whater defenses it could muster. Spanduas blazed,'Potato Mashers' exploded and bullets where shred at frightening pace but this was no match for the 3rd Armoured Car recon which took the city block by block and received countless surrenders. Before night, the white flag was floating in the capitol and Wehrmacht forces taken as prisoners. Back in Paris, the 103. Panzer regiment was in luck to have escaped a plausible defeat as its city of garisson was nothing but a giant ruin of smoldering ash and gravel. Through a minsinterpreted reconaissance run, the 7th Field Artillery misinterpreted paris for Cherbourg and were alarmed at the presence of enemy troops. The attack was called off, a time for both forces to recuperate. Saturday A counterattack of German nature is a force to be reckoned with and when it hits, it hits hard and deadly. LtCol Kal's forces stationed at Calais were startled to see a full regiment of infantry supproted by Panzer tanks blitz into the region. The fearless Deutsch offiziere lead their faithful soldiers with merit and decimated all American forces on site. Quickly setting up heavy gun positions to aim at the coast. The Germans pounded the beach with thundering might, destroying any and all artillery the 7th Regiment could muster.By midday,it was just a matter of time until the Americans gave up. No reinforcements available and with thier backs to the sea, the Americans emptied out their Thompsons with no remorse until the Germans charged and then it was all over. The superior tanks and infantry chased the last patriots who managed to remove their gear and flee into the sea but finally the port was secure. Most likely the worst-fought battle by german infantry this campaign, the second assault on Copenhagen in response to the captures of Berlin and Amsterdam lasted only a few hours. With a last breath of courage and strength, 103. Panzer assaulted the heavy fortified border of Denmark but did not expect to be attacked. They were wrong, the thin flanks of the attacking forces were grinded by Allied units in Amsterdam and Berlin seizing the 103. Panzers in a death trap. With little to work with,offiziere could not stop the incoming attacks and organization crumbled. Copenhagen would stay in Allied hands. Sunday A battle hidden in secrecy,the fate of the 3.Panzer Grenadiers is not for sure known. How and why the 3.Division was there is hard to explain but all that is known is that it suffered heavy losses in and around the area of Gibraltar. In a massive fight for the city lying at the base of the rocky fortress countless souls perished as the Panzer-Grenadiers struggled against the 2nd South African division to demolish its fuel stockpiles, anti-air batteries and transport lines. With very little success, they barely managed to secure bases for attack and and the german lines struggled on the strains of losing too many men. The American weaponry was most likely the cause as BARs and Tommys were unleashed from houses upon the MP40 weilding attackers. In the end the German numbers diminished and another german surrender was made during this week. For those who do not know,BFE:CoD is a campaign tournament (In campaign 10 ATM) that runs 12 hour Axis on Allies CoD 2 battles on Wed and Saturday and vCoD (CoD1) on Sundays It is full rank structure and all the members are seperated into 4 different regiments starting as a grunt and working their way up to NCO and officer positions. We use Teamspeak and our Forums to communicate our strategies and as our HQ.We play mostly SD,as well as HQ and sometimes CTF. Besides that we hope you enjoyed reading this and make sure to stop by Or direct to our forum to sign up and get access to the REAL fun instead of reading about it! bfereport2.jpg