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#1 13 years ago

The Bad News Soldiers are having an open recruiting for anyone interested in joining a no hassle yet serious clan.

You will never be asked for the following during your stay in =[BNS]=:

- no monetary donations ever…everything is free and open for all members - no tryouts to be in the clan…just apply and you’re in - no ranking system…you are all treated the same - no required skill level…new players (noobs) are welcome here - no required number of hours per week of game time…I have a life and I know you do too - no specific game tactic (sniper, sprayer, camper) required…a kill is a kill, doesn’t matter how you get it

The only requirements to be involved in the clan are:

- must be at least 13 years old - must download and use X-Fire during game play - must register at our forum and participate - have fun!! :beer:

Please visit our website (linked below) and complete the application found under “Join Us”. The form will be sent to my email address and I will contact you as soon as possible.

=[BNS]= General Aka: Mick [color=green]www.badnewssoldiers.com [/color] [email="general@badnewssoldiers.com"][color=green]general@badnewssoldiers.com[/color][/email]