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The B-3ID is currently recruiting. We are a tactical realism unit that wont be officially put into action until cod 2 is released. We are looking for any players that know they would definately buy cod 2 and have had past experience with Tactical realism in cod 1 or united offensive. There is no age limit but you must be mature. Some of our rules are: No Hacking No fighting amongst other members in the clan (Applies to forums, TS , and ingame) No Whining (espcially about people hacking if you havnt even taken the time to spectate them) Be Mature (Applies to forums, TS , and ingame) Be respectful to everyone (Applies to forums, TS , and ingame) No spamming on the forums Dont be a jerk (Applies to forums, TS , and ingame) Be cool and kick some ass Right now we have two squads with open positions. open positions include: 2 support 6 riflemen 1 squad leader If you are interested in joining please visit our forums at . you can also contact me by my xfire (metallordofhell) and any of the messenger programs in the top right corner of this post or the leader's xfire (wilco92) for any questions you might have. you can also visit us at our teamspeak server