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#1 10 years ago

If you are looking to post a clan recruitment page, please keep the following things in mind.

1) If you state you have a website: GIVE THE ADDRESS 1a) If you state you have a server: GIVE THE IP and possible location of the server's data center.

2) The more information about where you are and your servers will determine whether or not you get the people you are looking for. While most will not have an issue playing on any server, some people won't play unless their ping is nominal. 3) A history of your clan: People want to see that you have some " staying power". If your clan has been around for a while, let them know. If you are beginning a new clan, and have been in other clans let them know this too. It shows some dedication. One of the BEST posts I have seen to date is from THIS CLAN

4) Don't mention money or paying for a server. If you are in this to have everyone else pay you for running a server and site, they can go anywhere else and feel at home. If you are doing this, then do this because it is comfortable for you to do. You are doing it for the community you believe in after all.... Are you not? People will donate if they feel they are getting out of it what they are supposed to... A place of camaraderie, of friendship, of family.

That's it for now. Keep this in mind as you post. If you have any questions regarding this or anything else here, you may contact me via:

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