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17th December 2004

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#1 14 years ago

We, the Death Row Clan, are a new clan as of late October and are seeking dedicated players 17+ who are willing to be a part of a team that is dedicated to fair and fun gameplay as well as kicking the other teams ass. We are a rank based clan that allows for unlimited advancement in the clan. There is no cap to the amount of admins and whatnot allowed. If you show dedication, determination, as well as the skill to work with a team, You will surely be rewarded. Currently we are not in the TWL ladder because we are seeking the type of players who are not just good at the game but reliable as well. We really know how to have fun as well as be an efficient and dedicated clan. Benefits of DRC: -Rank based system -Unlimited advancement -Ventrilo based communication -Quality website and server (our server is a top ranking server of CoD: UO) -Expansion into other games (coming soon) -Respect for other members (we still joke around) -Regular Scrimmages and Practices -Constantly maintained server -We know how to dominate! If you think you've got what it takes to be a part of the DRC, you can get in touch with me or other ranking members many ways: Email me (DRC SFC.Unibomber) at : [email="Unibomber5284@hotmail.com"]Unibomber5284@hotmail.com[/email] Reply to this post: Reply with your screen name, age, weapon of choice, and email Apply at our website: www.drcclan.com and mention my name and this post. MSN messenger: [email="Unibomber5284@hotmail.com"]Unibomber5284@hotmail.com[/email] Come to our server: "[color=red]Death [/color][color=blue]Row [/color][color=lime]Clan [/color][color=yellow]Recruiting[/color][color=black]" IP =[/color] I look forward to hearing from potential members. We need people like you who are dedicated. Be a part of something bigger. Be a part of a team and your enjoyment of Call of Duty: United Offensive will be amazing. Don't forget to apply