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If you are a fan of the Total War mod for Call of Duty this is the league you want to compete in. No way around it. If you are looking for a great friendly league this is the league you want to compete in. No way around it. If you want to play with some of the most respected CoD and MoH clans this is the leage you want to compete in. The DL offers an Allied Assault Leage, several different Spearhead and Call of Duty Leagues. A United Offensive and Pacific Assault league are soon to come. Feel free to check out the site and the forums at The Definitive Leagues Squads - Allied Assault Definitive Clans ( 7 ) [Di99] [Di99] [EMUC] [EMUC] [X-MEN] [X-MEN] ][GoDzZ][ ][GoDzZ][ of MOHAA 114th 114th Clan #uk-f United Kingdom Fighters =[X.R.S]= Xtrem Rangers Squadron The Definitive Leagues Squads - Spearhead Definitive Clans ( 48 ) [NER-BNL-Typhoon] New European Regiment - BNL - Typhoon Team [Di99] [Di99] [NXGN]{├č} [NXGN]Beta [VS-UK Zulu] [VS-UK] [VS-UK X-Ray] [VS-UK] |N|egative |N|egative Multi-Gaming Clan [FGM] A Few Good Men =]A*D[= Accept*Defeat -={AA}=- Airborne Assault |@T| Algarve Terrorists ={Av-PT-K}= Aveiro Portugal Killers clan [BW-UK] Black Watch UK <<[.B&H.]>> Blood & honor -[B.O.D.]- Brothers Of Death ={DiVA}= Deadly Viper Assassination Squad {D.D} Dirty Dozen [*DRM*] DRM legion etrangere [=DFD=] Dutch Frontline Division -=[EFF]=- Elite-Fighting-Force [ERA] European Royal Army -[FPS]- Friends Playing Spearhead =][IMA|DE][= International MOHAA Association [LOL] Laugh Out Loud -=[LdR]=- Leaders of the death Row |-Law-| Legion of Antisocial Warriors |>MAD<| MAD [NER-RoW] NER-RoW Elementials [NER-BNL-Tornado] New European Regiment - BNL - Tornado Team [NER-DE] New European Regiment - DE [NER-HQ-COUGAR] New European Regiment - HQ - COUGAR Squad [NER-HQ-PANTHER] New European Regiment - HQ - PANTHER Squad [NER-PT] - Squad Aegis New European Regiment - Portugal [NER-PT] - Squad Ichor New European Regiment - Portugal [NER-SCA] New European Regiment - SCA [NER-UK] New European Regiment - UK [OMG] Oh My God -={O.F}=- Opposing Force [*PG*] Portugal Gaming ^[RDH]^ Rabid Dogs of Hell [-ROF-] Reign of Fire {SWC} Scottish War Council =|S|2|K|= Shoot 2 Kill *S|k|L* Skorpion Legion Clan Portugal [TC*LA] Team Carbalhosa*Lanolicos Anonimos .:THC:. Terrorizm Haxx Crew [T.C] Truecolors ***[UKUF]*** United Kingdom United Front ={UNA}= United Nations Army The Definitive Leagues Squads - Call of Duty Definitive Clans ( 23 ) [sQLm] [sQLm] [VS-UK] FOX [VS-UK] FOX ^ 18! 18 Julio [b_d] Balkan Division [BW-UK] Black Watch UK =CJB= CodJunkies [CGS] Come Get Some |CTS| Croatian Tactical Squad ={DiVA}= Deadly Viper Assassination Squad {DoWUK} Dogs Of War [D] Doomcraft MORK MORK [RDH] Rabid Dogs of Hell [RLFANS] Rugby League Fans =SR= Soul Rapers [SoB] Sultans of Bash [TDL] The Dark Legion {3:-} Threecrowns [TTK-UK] Totenkopf [V8] V8 Clan [VS-UK] HOUND VS-UK Hound -=|Wiking|=- Wiking .:XDR:. X-Deserts Rats I am sure all of you will recognise some of these clans as there are some of Europes most popular amongst them. If you are interested feel free to register your clan for the next season. Most new seasons will start in January along with the new version of the network which is currently in a Beta phase. Have a look: I am not a recruiter for the Definitive Leagues. I just love them and think they are the greatest. For that reason I want more people to know about it that might look for an alternative to ClanBase or TeamWarfare. For me personally there is no match to the DL. greetz, Mezzo