[DSA] Blue Squad Recruiting for TWL UO CTF 6v6 -1 reply

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3rd January 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Clan [DSA] is looking for a few players to join our Blue Squad, now playing in the TWL CoD:UO 6v6 CTF Classic Spring 2005 League. [DSA] is an over-18 clan. We've competed in TWL, STA, and CAL for three years. We have about 30 members, and field two COD S&D squads, Silver and Red. We also play CS:S and WoW. We own our own game servers (colo'd in Chicago) and web server. We use a high-quality Ventrilo 2.20 service for voice comms. There are no dues, but we ask for donations as you are able. The Blue Squad adheres to the over-18 rule, and in fact would prefer older players. We range in age from mid-twenties to 54 now. We take our gaming seriously, but not so much as to ruin the fun. Teamwork, regular participation and a friendly low-key atmosphere are what is important to us. We play three nights a week. Monday is TWL match night, and we practice on Thursdays and Sundays at 9:30 for two hours. If this interests you, please visit http://www.dsa-gamers.com/home/ and click "Join DSA." Fill out the application and we'll get right back to you. Any questions, e-mail [email="Jake@dsa-gamers.com"]Jake@dsa-gamers.com[/email]. Thanks! smilie.gif