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16th September 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi all, Just wanted to let you know, [EFUK] previously known as #Team-eFUk//: Til' a few days ago are recruiting. We compete in european TDM at clanbase - Have had gd records - was 36th (til an ex clan member descided to ruin clanbase info with the admin pass :rolleyes: ) But ive created a new account. Were very active in matches, training and the rest. Weve been a clan around 1 yea now. Our website can be found, or ask for it, as it wont let me :mad: we have 2 gaming servers - one REVOLT, one COD and a TS2 server - (Gaming server Ips later to be varified as re-purchasing servers ) If anyones interested, drop us a line, either PM, reply to topic, clan forums, or teamspeak, or even our servers. Ill give you the ips soon. FraG :0wned: