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26th December 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hey, Clan ::Elite:X: is now recruiting!

We are looking for dedicated CoD players who love to have fun. -Nothing against you but, Brits-Our servers are located in New Jersey and Texas, so if you're looking for good ping... we cant garentee it to you. -No bad sports, Yes everyone, CoD is still just a video game!! ::Elite:X: is looking for players that not only have skill, but can have lots of fun.

We currently have two servers. A 10 slot and a 26 slot. (I think we are getting rid of the 10 slot, or just putting a perminate password on it, not sure of the status right now.)

The Ips are: &

Our TeamSpeak Ip is:

Come Stop by and play with our members. If you wish to tryout, just ask any member with ::Elite:X: tags on.

-We are currently involved in CAL-Open and two TWL ladders. (4v4 SD & 4v4 TDM)

-We mostly play Search & Destroy, but we occasionaly play Team Death Match.

-Our clan founder is Alt+F4

-We currently have 15 members.

-Come visit our website at: www.elitexclan.com

~We look foward to playing with you!~

- ::Elite:X:eMAG!Ne::

P.S-Any questions or comments can be emailed to [email]spfsoccer17@comcast.net[/email] or post them on our forums.