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6th May 2005

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#1 15 years ago

I am somewhat of an experianced player in both CoD/UO, though my scores dont usually show that. My name is Khaos and as in name of topic im looking for a tactical realist clan. Ranks, Medals, Demirts (if any) I have some history of leading clans if anyone needs help with ftp for servers. Ive been in 7 clans over the past couple years. Screaming Eagles (long gone now) 3rd Marines Division (Last Summer) 3rd Airborne Division (Last Summer) (Both these 2 clans, 3MD and 3AD where part of a network called the 3rd Clan Network) United Special Forces (Last Summer) 90th Infantry Division (Past few months before and after X-mas) 25th Infantry Division (Lasted a month) *Leader* 90th again United Special Forces (past month) *Leader* The last UsF was the reborn version. I hadnt seen any origonal members till i started talking to people. Thats my history of clans, the type of player I am is more backside rusher. I tend to try and sneak up on my foes and bash em, which then starts to get my team spawning near them. My favourite weapons include the M1 Garand, M1A1 Carbine, the .30 Cal Machine Gun, Lee-Enfield, and Kar98k Im 15 and without a job so for any clans needing doantions count me out I have TS, but no mic. It broke after an incident on the UsF server a few weeks ago that caused me so much stress i accident pulled the corde while leaving my computer station. You can contact me on the following addresses: MSN: [email="Khaos@u-s-f.com"]Khaos@u-s-f.com[/email] Email: [email="khaosnite@gmail.com"]khaosnite@gmail.com[/email] Xfire: khaosnite13 When you are making a reply or sending me and email, PLEASE tell me info like you would if you were posting a recruiting topic here. See you on the battlefield, Khaos