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28th March 2005

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#1 13 years ago

hia...... im lookin 4 any level clan.. Im a good Sub machiner gunner and excellent tank man.. give me a shot... i play UO and CoD ... but i prefer UO!!

So peeps may already no -=SF=- Oggy ... becos i killed em so many times... but thts not my fualt... u wer just askin to get shot!

Any1 got a place 4 Oggy???? ----- Oh n i wanna find a clan who actually uses bit of tactics n has a leader every1 listens 2!!! i find team work more fun than runnin in guns blazin-- i only do tha on Neuville.. 142 - 1 death lmao... i chuckled a da 1 lol!!!! ---in da 1 wa my team mTES gren! oh bliss lol.


So giv Oggy a home:


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#2 13 years ago

Hey... we can give ya a clan! Clan name: Let's Get it On! We have super low ping european server:, but that s not the only server we have!! We have more, so if you re interested, contact us! Our website: http://www.lgo.clanservers.com So contact us by e-mail: [EMAIL="admyn5@yahoo.com"]admyn5@yahoo.com[/EMAIL]


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#3 13 years ago

Join 3.PgD.

Come down to our forums at: http://www.3rd-panzergrenadier-division.co.nr/

We are sorta tactical realistic. We enforce Team Play, Chain Of Command, and realistic names. 3 key factors to a good rank and some outstanding fun are

-Stay active on Forums -Stay active on Teamspeak -Stay active on your PC


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29th September 2005

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#4 13 years ago

Check out =V4C= at http://www.v4coalition.net We are always looking for a few good gamers. You can apply on the website or right here. I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks. MysignatureMajor.jpg


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23rd September 2005

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#5 13 years ago

the 3rd ID is recruiting if you are intrested in that. http://www.freewebs.com/4thinfantrydivision/ its a realism clan your name doenst have to be realsitic.iam getting cod2 server as soon as i can.already have a TS server up right now.:)


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5th May 2005

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#6 13 years ago

[COLOR=Red]I'am KilrBe3 From [COLOR=Lime]|-[COLOR=Blue]EAS[COLOR=Lime]-| [COLOR=Red]Elite Assualt Squad!!!

[COLOR=Blue]We are a CoD:UO Clan with 3 YRS OF TEAMWORK AND EXPERINCE!!!!!


[COLOR=Red]We Have over 15+ members and Growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a...

[COLOR=Blue]Teamspeak CoD;UO Server... [COLOR=DarkOrange]IP:[/COLOR] (soon) a CoD2 Server... [COLOR=DarkOrange]IP (soon to come)[/COLOR] BF2 Server As well... [COLOR=DarkOrange]IP: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]In order to join you need this....

[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]========== Application ========== Real Name: (First and/or Last) Game: In Game Name: (Of course the name you play with in game.) Age: (MUST be 14+) We will look into special cases. Location: (Must be in State/Province, Country please. At least just country.) Reason For Joining: (Why would you like to join the |-EAS-|?) Do you have XFire?: If yes what is you screen name? (If not get it at www.xfire.com) Do you have TeamSpeak? (Available at www.goteamspeak.com if not) Do you have a Microphone? (A must to play, available at your local Computer Store.) [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Lime][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Lime][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Red] Please Visit us at: http://s14.invisionfree.com/Elite_Assault_Squad And Post in the " Join |-EAS-|" Section of the Forum



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3rd August 2005

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#7 13 years ago

Come visit www.dosclan.uni.cc