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1st April 2004

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#1 14 years ago

www.fa-pub.com Formal clan name: Force of the Apocalypse.

We have been floating around game to game for the past 8 years. Currently FA is in the ressurection phase. This is why we need you.

If you play on any of the following servers: (LIVE STATS)EASTERN OREGON NET BEATDOWN Gamespy Ricoche 18_pub BATTLEGROUNDS_PUB_COD

Then you need to head over to our forum. You can find it from our homepage or just click here.

Our game server runs live-stats and updates every 10 minutes, the games are primarily DM at the moment, but hopefully, with the addition of a new ventrillio server (soon to come) we will dominate in all other fields.

Now is the time to join. Head over to our forums and register, then leave us a message in the recruitment section. Thanks!