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#1 13 years ago

Hey everyone Just wanted to drop by to tell everyone to stop in and pay us a visit now that our new server is up and running. We are considering on recruitment of a couple more ppl, but we do ask that you use our teamspeak first so we can get to know you. :nodding:. Our clan has been around for quit some time now. I myself have been with them for 4 yrs now and have no intentions of going anywhere else. We play CTF with run & gun maps and a couple of large maps, and we do use tanks and jeeps. We have a few ppl in the clan that are hard to keep up with, so if you do enjoy a good challenge, stop by and say hi. Cheatfree with PB. Currently we are 48 strong, with guys and gals from around the world :cool:. Just go to our site which is posted below, and at the top middle of page is the IP info for server and teamspeak. And feel free to us our forums to make any suggestions or to just say hey. Tell-em =fk=BiONiC_KiLLeR sent you. :beer: You can find us at: =fk= Clan or our new CODUO server Later =fk=BiONiC_KiLLeR:tommygun: