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#1 15 years ago

Genocide Clan or -|gC|- needs recruits We are a Call Of Duty clan this will later on move to Battlefield 2. This is our website http://genocideclan.progamez.net/ it is still under major construction so just about the only thing that works in there is forums. If you would like to join us then here are some requirements: 1:Xfire If you do not have Xfire download it here at http://www.xfire.com. 2:Any other way of communication such as aim/yahoo/msn. 3:Game name and real-life age. 4:Weapon of choice. 5:Location And here is some questions we have to ask you: Do you allow Downloading in Call of Duty and do you use PunkBuster or will you enable it? And are you willing to help pay for servers/website by donating maybe 5 or more dollars? And are you willing to use the U.S. Mail System to do so seeing as we can't use a PayPal? We are getting a server soon either this or next month. I am pretty sure there is alot of information I didnt include so feel free ask questions!