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8th November 2006

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My unit, The 1st Fallschirmjager Division is holding a Rifles Only Tourny that will officialy take place Friday. We are holding a practice and open house today our server is running the latest version of the GFM 1.01.


Time: 12:00pm New York US Time

Players: 18

Gametype: TDM, HQ

Map for Offical Event: Another Town <- Can be downloaded off our server

Weapons Allowed: Rifles

Classes Allowed: Light Infantry, Medic, Sniper

USA ------------ M1 Garand

M1 Carbine/M1 Paratrooper

Springfield 1903 Sniper

Germany ------------- K98

Gewher 43

K98k Sniper

(.45s and Lugars are allowed by the Medic Class and when the rank supplies it.)

We would like everyone that comes to please follow the server rules. This server only allows realistic playing so no jumping out of 2nd story windows (your not sniperman lol) or "bunny hopping", Cheating is not allowed by any means, Some swear words are allowed (its wwii..) just aslong as they dont offend anyone.

Hope to see yall on the battlefield and anyone that wants to signup for the official team tournament post in this section on our forums.