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#1 15 years ago

Looking to have some fun?

=HD= (honor and Duty) Clan is recruiting adults 21 years and older for CoD:UO. We recently reverted BACK to UO until COD 2 is patched and an Anti-Cheat is available.

COD:UO Server IP:

On the web: http://hdclan.clanservers.com

Although we are a new clan dedicated to Call Of Duty UO, we are by no means new to the FPS genre or gaming in general. We use the AWE 2.12 MOD running CUSTOM maps and constantly update the maps as new ones come out.

We look for the following qualities in a clan member:

1. Good attitude 2. Laid Back 3. Respect 4. Love to have fun

We are a clan of brotherhood, friendship and trust without ranks or other performance requirements. As a result, ALL of our full fledged members receive RCON access after a 30 day recruitment process.

Come on by and pay us a visit for a frag or 2!

See you there!