Hi...Old guy looking to join a Clan. -1 reply

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17th May 2004

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#11 16 years ago

The [COLOR=Red](PFB)[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]CLAN[/COLOR] is recruiting. If you wanna join, just visit [COLOR=Blue]djflash.org.uk[/COLOR]. Then write a mail to JACKAL for your recruitation.

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17th June 2003

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#12 16 years ago

Like I said, ask questions, you don't want to get stuck in between a popularity contest. If they don't answer your questions or are not what quite what you want, DON'T feel obligated to join. Personaly I would like some backround on some of these clans that people are talking about.

[RDH]Skip Foreplay

Visit www.rabiddogsofhell.com!

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13th June 2004

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#13 16 years ago

Want some background? Please visit us at www.rabiddogsofhell.com. Not sure what your driving at with the popularity thing, but maybe I can elaborate a bit on who we are. We are an established, competitive clan playing over a dozen games on many, many servers. There are over 250+ members in RDH, however, by the time you break down each team (by games and geographic region) you have about a 12 man roster (Currently the US COD team has 12 players and the Euro COD Teams has 10). Big clan resources, small clan feel. Plenty of one on one as a result. We have weekly practices and scrims and we have just entered into a weekly league. All players get to particpate in these events equally. Also, we don't have "ranks." Of course, we have admins and the like, but no Pvt., Major, General business going on. The bottom line of any game, however, is to have fun and since most of our clan have busy schedules (family, work, life, etc.) we are also very, very flexible and laid back. Hopefully this helps.


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10th April 2004

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#14 16 years ago


you are welcome if you aint an a-hole or cheat ;)


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21st April 2004

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#15 16 years ago

If you wanna join up to a clan that doesnt charge you a penny for membership, server fees or game fees then check us out Clan [GFG] Gunning for glory.

We have one server at present due to our second undergoing some work, we use Ventrilo for talking to each other during matches and compete on clanbase were we have a good record of wins and very few losses. Were a clan looking to go places and grow together..

I also know where you are coming from, Im only 25 but i get it in the neck from the Mrs when im up playing games til the early hours of the morning.. Sad.. she doesnt know what she is talking about.

========current info you need to get in touch========= ----------our server= ----mirc channel=#gfaqsCOD on the gamesurge.net server---- -------site=www.psycopsy.com/callofduty----- ===========================================

you'll need to download the mirc program from www.mirc.com get version (v6.14)

you should also get the ventrilo client from www.psycopsy.com/callofduty/downloads/ventrilo.zip

and here's the details you need to get acced to the ventrilo server

Ventrilo Host: Port: 3780

there's no pass

Hope to see you pop in even for a mo just to check us out.. I could do with another senior member in to share his experiences and work out good strategies...






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24th November 2003

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#16 16 years ago
you are welcome if you aint an a-hole or cheat

Lols.. Hear! Hear! If Heat of Battle mod is your thing ck us out at http://www.bohclan.com


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26th August 2004

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#17 16 years ago

Metal Here From Themowclan ..... We Are A 21 And Older Clan

At Mow We Work As A Team And Play To Have Fun.... We Currently Are In The Twl Matches 4x4 6x6 8x8 We Also Have Intra Clan Matches Going

We Have 4 Cod Servers 1 Pure Server 1 Riff Only Server 1 40 Man Modded Server 1 Uk Server For Some Of The Mow Brothers Across The Pond

We Also Have A Moh Server And Looking To Add 1 More Moh Server Soon

We Have A Battlefield 1942 Server

If Interseted In Joining Contact Me At Higginschadatmsnd()tc()m Or Visit Our Web Site At Themowclan D()t C()m

Hope To See U There......



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2nd August 2004

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#18 16 years ago

In Reply To #1

Hi Variable1! And you´re not so old ... :naughty: |X-Pre$ident$| are recruiting! If you´re interested to be a President of the United States (X) - We are looking GOOD people with skills from normal to godlike. Actually we are 56 members strong. Wanna try?

Take a look at www.xpresidents.net

See our servers IP´s and our Forum. You can visit the Forum and leave a message there in the recruitment section - say hello from Mr.McKinley. Forum link is in the left side banner. |X-Pre$ident$|Mr.McKinley


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23rd August 2004

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#19 16 years ago

Salute!! Check out the Airborne Assault Clan. Feel free to join our tactical realism server at: Just connect there and we will be happy to give you our website address and additional info on our recruitment process. Also, please see my earlier post about the Airborne Assault Clan - give us a look - I think you'll like what you see.

Hope to see you on the battlefield!! :)


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28th July 2004

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#20 16 years ago

=VX9= Easy Company is recruiting:

=VX9= is currently accepting new recruits for Call of Duty. We are looking for mature men & women who believe in teamwork, who show maturity during stressful situations, and who take pride in themselves and their team. If you are a serious gamer or just want to hang out and have fun, we have what you are looking for. We compete in TWL 4v4 S&D, 6v6 S&D, and TDM League. We own our own game servers & Team Speak server.

=VX9= Website: http://www.VX9.com

=VX9= Easy Company Game Servers: =VX9= 1.4 CoD Server – =VX9= 1.4 CoD Server – =VX9= HoB Server –

=VX9= Team Speak: IP: Password: TeamVX9

To contact me: E-mail: [email]Ables@vx9.com[/email] ICQ: 306-510-122 X-Fire: Ables

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