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#1 13 years ago

RECRUITMENT FOR COD AND UO ci (Criminally Insane) is one of the oldest clans of the Delta Force gaming series. We are over 6 years old and we know what members want. We are highly active and are rigorous about recruitment and matches. We search for members that are able to play at least 4 days a week.. weekends are a must. Must have either xfire/msn/aim. The usage of a mic is optional. So if you want to to be a part of the undefeated crew fill out a join application on our website. There are no age restrictions, nor biases. Thanks for your time!

Website:www.cisquad.com Leader Contact- msn:slain_ci@hotmail.com aim: AlchemyX01 Xfire:Slain01 CoD Server ip:

CHALLENGING FOR COD ONLY Note to all clans/tournaments: We are a TDM/HQ clan. We accept all challenges within our gametype. Matches/scrimmages may be scheduled for any day of the week and time after 7pm est. Feel free to message me with challenges or tournament invitations. Or visit our website and fill out the challenge application. Thanks for your time