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#1 10 years ago

-=ICT=- started back in the MH days, i got started when they moved to cod.. the clan list got as high as 23 members and low as 3..but I keep the flame going and the clan has changed from a full comp playing matches every weekend to 3 brothers and 2 members playing on sat nights i keep a small server running all the time, I run most coduo with mods like BloodlustXG,SAUP.PWM,AWE, with custom maps and a few of my own maps..:D a vent server runs on there also, with 8 slots so if you play on the server we can talk... I dont run PB most of the time because I dont like it. but we still do not like cheaters..,:moon: oh ya we can play cod2 and cod4 when the mood says so,but thats not much because our computers are not up to it... we play most is DM and CTF, So if you want to check it out the server ip is and drop me a line at [EMAIL="ictblood@yahoo.com"]ictblood@yahoo.com[/EMAIL] oh ya if you join its free!! all we ask is you stay active in coduo and respect the other members ....and take you licks as well as you give them,