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4th March 2004

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The Infantry Ghosts ([color=blue]-][/color][color=red]IG[/color][color=blue][-[/color] ) have been growing and exceeding CoD clan areas. We are a repectful clan that incounters on both Allies and the Axis. The clan has 2 basic divisions, the North American Infantry and the European Infantry. The Infantry Ghosts is a highly communicated involved clan. Communications are key in this clan, as building an excellent clan is based on team affairs. [color=blue]-][/color][color=red]IG[/color][color=blue][-[/color] runs on different rankings. Using US/British Military ranks, members are Classed/Ranked to their specific skill and clan ops. We are looking for players who have the superior skills, and techniques to be in a clan. And who can commit time to the clan. There is a 2 Step process in joining. Written Feedback and an online tryout evaluated by a Council member - (General of the Army {GM}) or (Generals {GEN}) 143506_signature_IG%20LOGO.jpg We currently have 18 members and are looking to expand Because of our expanded clan activates "Clanbase, Matches ect." it is mandatory to recruit new members. We are currently looking for 6 new members to join our fleet under the Private {Pvt} Rank. 3 Members for the NA Infantry (North American) and 3 for the EURO Infantry (European). If interested please contract me VIA email at [email="infantry_ghosts@hotmail.com"]infantry_ghosts@hotmail.com[/email] OR Visit our site Infantry Ghosts , and post on forums " Join [color=blue]-][/color][color=red]IG[/color][color=blue][-[/color] "