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iMAC Army is a gaming community on the beginning stages of becoming international. Currently, we are predominantly on Xbox 360 with some of us working to set up Companies on other platforms. Our structure and method(s) of operation are mirrored from the US Army, with slight re-vamps in order to accommodate game mechanics. As an example, promotions can be earned one of two ways (1) Committee/OIC…or…(2) Merit e.g. participating in or leading a Squad/Fire-Team (Depending on the game size) in “X” amount of ranked matches. We do not do unofficial clan battles/skirmishes unless it is with our ally clans and for the purpose of intensive training. In addition, we do not discriminate based on age or other. Our thought…you are either a mature team-tactical player, or you are not! The qualities we look for in a recruit/enlistee are; * Mature: For tactical-team work…this is obvious * Active participants: It doesn’t take one, or a handful of people to make up a team…not to mention we practice…practice…practice * Someone who KNOWS when to lead and when to follow * Understanding the concept of, “follow orders first, question them later!” * A leader… What we offer; * Opportunity to game in a tried and proven structure * The chance to part of a community with objectives and goals * To be part of a team that offers you personal challenges of achievement(s) * Cohesive team-play that results in public recognition, and in some cases…$MONEY$ * Opportunity to learn “real-life” leadership skills from active US Army NCOs and successful businessmen via higher level leadership positions and responsibilities. * Chance for position advancement based on merit instead of “click-ish advancement” iMAC Army’s 1st Battalion, Alpha Company has several enlistee positions available, however we are seeking higher level Officer and NCOs for 1st Battalion’s Bravo and Charlie Companies…which requires a much more driven individual than the standard Joe. Those reading this from the UK…our 2nd Battalion is open for recruitment as well. For those interested in checking us out with the possibility of enlisting, go to For those interested in learning more about these “higher-level” opportunities, email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Ideas of available positions; All areas of enlisted personnel….our Platoons have three 9 person Squads. 1st Battalion, Alpha Company has 5 Platoons. Alpha Squad-Competitions/Ranked matches Bravo Squad-Training Squad Charlie Squad-Recruit (uMAC)/Boot-camp High Level Officers 1st Battalion Colonel- Must have ability to regularly access (will discuss in further detail) Xbox 360, PlayStation, and PC team-based shooter games. Respectfully, -James aka iMAC KingCasper General of the Army (GA) iMAC Army