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9th January 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Guten Tag Kameraden.

Number one company ( 1. Kompanie, FRJ1 ) of the 1st Battalion of the 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment has opened up recruiting for Soldaten from North American and Europe, the kompanie is a US based kompanie. We have a Zug ( Platoon ) active in the UK and are seeking other UK / EU members.

If you are a serious COD soldier, WWII buff, and are interested in enlisting in a realistic WWII unit then you need not look any further !! All those interested are encouraged to contact us at our website. We will reply to all interested soldaten. We require that you be serious about being a member and show all COD members their due respect. Rules and regulations are posted on the kompanie website.

1. Kompanie is set up based on a WWII Fallschirmjager Kompanie with some very minor adjustments to manpower / weapons strengths as a result of the COD restrictions.

One zug (platoon) from each geographic area has been activated, with some thought be given to gruppen (squads) being from the different time zones.

You must be 14 years old or older to join .

The kompanie website is

As we are established along realistic lines, we will not rush into combat until the kompanie is trained and ready, but the training is not unrealistic and will be aimed mainly towards basic infantry tactics IE; TEAM WORK !!!! (This not to say that the kompanie will be so strict as to not be a fun organization.) Once the zug trainers have trained the new jager (pvt), he will report to his Zug Leutnant and Oberfeldweble who will be responsible for training the zug to kompanie standards. We are not micro managers in 1. Kompanie but will hold our subordinate leaders responsible for their fallschirmjagers.