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#1 13 years ago

[color=black] Lethal Kings are currently recuiting new members into our growing clan. We know have 8 members out of a maximum 15 that we set at the start of maximum members. We have our confidence sky high after thumping's against two clans in succesion (who i shan't name). We are all teenagers except 1 who is older and mostly from england though we have one from the states and another trialing. We are all mature people because you would be kicked out of the clan otherwise. We are looking for all types of skills but particulary after In-Game= Sniper (x2), Rifleman (x2) Not In-Game= Tactician (x1), Whatever else you think is necessary for the clan. Thank You For Your Time Hope I Will Talk To You Soon. [LK]ShadowAd{Gen.} Co-Founder/Leader Xfire=lkshadowad MSN=adam_yeomans@hotmail.com Website=www.lethalkings.co.uk [/color]